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  Hi I'm Octavia! It's so nice to meet you! I am a Brand Stylist & Website
Designer born in New York but nestled in the big city of Atlanta with my twin girls! Growing up in an artistic environment with my dad being an amazing sketch artist turned contractor, and my sister being an awesome portrait painter, I embraced my love for art and design & expressed it in a different way. 
                   Upon getting my first gig, I used to sit and dwell on simple things such as, what a logo should look like. I wasted so much time trying to perfect the logo that I found myself waiting and running out of time on the actual project itself. 
After some trial and error, I came to the realization the vital importance of finding a visual style that is not only beautiful, but that is designed strategically to attract the clients you so aim for. All of my sites are uniquely designed, tailored specific to each individual's company & beliefs.
               Picking a team that shares the same core beliefs and values was also very important. Our team pours their hearts into each and everything we create. We dive into each project head first, working hard to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle fit and help to tell your brands story. We believe in the quote "Less is more", this is inspired by the light and airy feel of all of our sites. Our devotion to creative energy & time management ensures a streamlined process and an efficient timeline that we can manage.
We aim to continuously provide custom experiences, tailored to you & your brand! 
Let's Make Beautiful Creations Together!
SprucedIt CEO